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Posted by jlocke
Wednesday 10 October 2018 - 07:21:27

We will enter 2 teams in the K-8th West Penn Duals at Seneca Valley High School Saturday November 10 & Sunday November 11. Entry fee for this event is $60.

This is a 2 day event each team will get 8 Duals and we will have alternates on each team! Everyone will wrestle 6-10 matches in the 2 days. Once you have confirmed with entry fee I will send out Hotel information.

There is a one pound allowance. Must weigh-in in singlet.

50 Takoda Parker 3rd Grade
55 Carmello Kolb 4th Grade
60 Aiden Beimel 6th Grade
65 Adika Fiscus 6th Grade
70 Kamdyn Borrero 4th Grade
70 Issiah Ruiz 5th Grade
75 Keagan Oler 6th Grade
80 Cyrus Hurd 6th Grade
85 Jordan Joslyn 7th Grade
90 Caullin Summers 7th Grade
95 Bradley Eaton 6th Grade
100 Gunnar Gage 8th Grade
105 Gabe Ruggieri 8th Grade
112 Eddie Neitenbach 7th Grade
120 Steffan Lynch 8th Grade
120 Clay Mallory 7th Grade
130 Cael Nicolella 7th Grade
140 Angelo Seitz 7th Grade
155 Eli Makel 8th Grade
175 Jessi Stempka 8th Grade

50 Jonathan Toriello 3rd Grade
55 Rever Caudill 4th Grade
55 Hunter Chew 5th Grade
60 Mason Gregor 3rd Grade
65 Billy Cole 4th Grade
70 Gavin Burchanowski 4th Grade
70 Ethen Ringer 4th Grade
75 Kane Gregor 3rd Grade
80 Nile Abbuhl 5th Grade
85 Anthony Lucchiani 6th Grade
90 Ben Watkins 7th Grade
95 Tyler Koerner 8th Grade
100 Elijah Frame 7th Grade
105 Jayden Malecki 7th Grade
112 Trent Burchanowski 8th Grade
120 Kristin Swartz 7th Grade
130 Kane Epperly 8th Grade
140 Hunter Hutcheson 8th Grade
155 Mason Maring 6th Grade
175 Ben Campbell 8th Grade

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